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Secret Light Awards关于红光奖

The Secret Light Awards (SLA) is the most prestigious award in the laser industry chain, hosted by the China Laser Industry Innovation Contribution Award Organizing Committee and the influential industry media Laser Manufacture News. It is a joint initiative of various domestic laser industry associations, societies, alliances, and media outlets. It is a landmark event that fosters technological exchange and advancement in the laser industry, with the goal of stimulating and supporting the innovation and excellence of China's laser industry and pushing laser technology to new heights.


Since its inception in 2018, SLA has identified and endorsed more than 300 cutting-edge laser products, technologies, and achievements. They have contributed to the exploration of new laser technologies, the promotion of new products, and the encouragement of technological innovation, and have gained a wide reputation in the laser industry. SLA follows the principles of "fairness, impartiality, openness, high-level, and internationalization" in its awarding process, and is recognized as the ultimate accolade in the laser industry for its authority and impact, receiving high praise from the industry. After six years of development, SLA has become an authoritative, professional, and representative award in the laser industry.


SLA has established a platform for the laser industry, created a benchmark, and enabled more outstanding enterprises and innovative projects to emerge. In the future, SLA will align with international standards, continuously improve its award selection mechanism, and drive the technological progress and high-quality development of the entire laser industry chain through professional recognition.

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  • Commencement of RegistrationDecember 26, 2023
  • Registration Cutoff DateMarch 31, 2024
  • Online Voting PeriodApril 9, 2024toMay 9, 2024
  • Expert Evaluation PhaseMay 10, 2024toMay 25, 2024
  • Awards GalaJune 18, 2024
Setting of Awards奖项设置
  • 年产值3亿元以上方可参加此项评选。上一年度获奖企业,不再参加本年度评审。

    Laser Industry Influential Enterprise Award (名额:3个)
  • 要求年成长率20%以上的企业申报,上一年度获奖企业,不再参加本年度评审。

    Best Growth
    Enterprise Award
  • 打破传统,为激光技术的新应用提供了新思路的工艺技术、产品和方案。科研单位、高等院校和企业等组织均可申报。

    "Black Technology"
    Technology Innovation Award
  • 2023至2024年推出的微加工、激光加工装备新品

    Laser Industrial Equipment Innovation Award (名额:5个)
  • 2023至2024年推出的超快、光纤、半导体等各类激光器新品

    Laser Innovation Award (名额:5个)
  • 2023至2024年推出的激光加工头新品

    Laser Processing Head Innovation Award (名额:3个)
  • 主要包括激光应用需要的光学元件、光纤器件、激光材料以及实现激光应用辅助作用的光电零部件。

    Laser Device
    Innovation Award
  • 包括冷水机组、加工机床、运动控制软硬件、电源、除尘、工业互联等配套设备及产品。

    Laser Supporting Products Innovation Award (名额:3个)
  • 特设奖项,不接受申报,由评审专家推荐。面向在关键领域取得重大技术突破和攻克"卡脖子"难题的高等院校、科研单位和企业等组织。

    Laser Industry Innovation Breakthrough Award
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YAO Jianhua
ZHU Xiao
WEI Zhiyi
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QIU Jianrong
DONG Shiyun
ZHAO Zongqing
HU Fangyou
ZHANG Ruihua
ZHANG Yongkang
YANG Changsheng
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